My name is Roger and I´m a professional epicurean. I live in the small costtown Hudiksvall in middle of Sweden. I have always love adventurer and to travel around the world. I´m a freelance-photographer so my camera is with me all the time. I can also call me a budget traveler. If I travel cheap I can travel more. And it´s also so much more fun to do this budget trips. I meet people in a total different way. I eat in local restaurants and sometimes I stay in the home of a local family. To stay in a hostel and sleep in a dormitory is also a good way to meet new and open minded people.

This website is new and from now on I put in pictures
from time to time.




















































Eurotrip - 2011
18 countries - 7000 km. >>>


My Nissan now in a final rest.
Here is a celebration-film
about my Nissan Micra 1986
(20 countries)